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Founding Principles

ProFound Alloys was founded with the principles that we would provide good quality raw materials at competitive pricing to the domestic steel and foundry business. We strive to offer a seamless solution through the entire supply chain offering a full product line of ferro-alloys, pig iron and scrap.


ProFound Alloy’s founders have a combined history of over 30 years in the raw material markets for the steel Industry. Additionally, our experience in the international arena allows us to competitively source ferro-alloys to offer into the domestic steel market.


We operate with the mantra that all suppliers and consumers are long term partners and we conclude each deal with integrity and trust in our supply chain and consumer base.

Customer Service

We understand that customer service is not just people management, it's relationships. Our customers are not just dollar signs. We are here to answer your questions and always strive to offer foundries and steel mills top notch service in the delivery and servicing of all alloy and scrap contracts.

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